You are cordially invited to a dinner in honour of

HHJ Handley


Thursday 17th September 2015

At Gray’s Court

Reception at 7.00 pm Dinner at 7.30 pm

Dress: Lounge Suits Tickets: £50?

To include a fine dinner and wine

Dere Street Barristers are hosting a dinner in Honour of HHJ Handley (or as we all knew him DJ Handley) on the 17th September 2015 at 7.00pm at Gray’s Court to celebrate his elevation to the circuit bench in Northampton and to give him a proper Yorkshire sending off.

It is also a good excuse for the Yorkshire Solicitors and Bar to meet up and enjoy some good food and wine together. 

The setting is in the historical Grays Court right in the centre of the City Centre in York.

Grays Court is possibly the oldest continuously occupied house in the United Kingdom. Dating back in part to 1080 and commissioned by the first Norman Archbishop of York to provide the official residence for the Treasurers of York Minster.  

It has been the official party house of the City used to entertain York’s most notable visitors, including Royalty.   As such, it is of course, the most appropriate setting for the Yorkshire Solicitors and Bar to Eat, Drink and be Merry.


Please return invite/reply slip to Karen Lennon, Dere Street Barristers, 14 Toft Green, York, DX 65517 York 7 asap. Further information