Professor David Ormerod QC

Law Commissioner for Criminal Law and Evidence and honourable member of Circuit

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Royal York Hotel

Registration 5.30pm Presentation 6.00pm  


Bad Character - hand out

   A refresher on the structure and working of the gateways.

   The limits on adducing bad character of non-defendants. Recent developments including R v Dizaei (2013)

   Cross admissible evidence - evidence from one count being adduced on another. A review of recent cases including Nicholson, NH, Leary.

 Hearsay - hand out

  Previous consistent statements using s 120 of the Act in cases of alleged fabrication and recent complaint.

  Hearsay from frightened witnesses s 116 and the correct approach. Reviewing the recent cases including Shabir, Riat, Adeojo, Clarke, Fagan  

  Sole or decisive hearsay evidence and Art 6. Reviewing recent cases since AlKhawaja in Strasbourg, including Riat, Ibrahim and Tahery

Free of Charge to Circuit Members - 75 to non-members

Please contact the Circuit office at admin@northeasterncircuit.co.uk if you wish to attend.