Rape and Serious Sexual Offences

Saturday 21 September 2013

The Royal York Hotel

This course is necessary for all barristers who wish to prosecute rape cases and is also of value to those who do defence work.  The first course took place in 2006. Similar courses have been held regularly since then, to ensure that all practitioners have the necessary accreditation required by the CPS.

You will need to attend the course if you are now intending to do this work or if you were last on a RASSO course more than four years ago.

There are interactive presentations by a range of well known and recognised experts.

Jo Miles, from Trinity College Cambridge, will speak about the Substantive Law, Lucy Conn, a Registered Intermediary will focus on the Witness Intermediary Scheme and Zoe Lodrick, a Registered Psychotherapist, will deal with the Effects of Serious Sexual Offences on Complainants.  Other speakers will cover the contribution of Forensic Science, the View from the CPS and a Judicial Perspective.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to call the Circuit Office.

Please do apply for a place on this Course, through the Circuit website, as soon as possible to secure your place.


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