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Helplines for members of the NE bar:

Welcome to the North Eastern Circuit.  There are almost a thousand Members of Circuit and you will be able to find a specialist barrister of the highest quality whatever your legal problem.  Local knowledge is a huge advantage in the majority of cases that come before the Courts. 

Whether you are involved in a planning dispute, contractual dispute, a disagreement over children, or have been charged with a criminal offence, there will be a Barrister on Circuit who can advise and represent you.  It’s entirely up to you as to whether a Barrister represents you.

To find your Barrister please decide which City you need them to be in and then go to each Chambers’ website via the links on this site.  We cover all areas from Newcastle down to Sheffield and from Hull to Bradford.  For appropriate cases we can also travel to any Court in England or Wales.

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LEADER BULLETIN 13th August 2021

Dear Fellow Circuiteer,

This has been a sad week for the North Eastern Circuit with the death of two well-loved members Matthew Collins and Lorna Cole. You will all have read the heartfelt tribute paid to Matthew that was circulated earlier in the week, and it is right that I now say a little more about Lorna.

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