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Membership of Circuit is open to members of the Bar of England and Wales, who ordinarily practice, or intend to practice on the North Eastern Circuit. It is also open to Judges who are members of Circuit as well as retired members of the Bar and Judiciary.

Pupils cannot be members of Circuit until they complete their pupillage and gain tenancy.

Please see links to download the application form and direct debit mandate at the bottom of this page.

As of 1st September 2017 Circuit Membership now includes mandatory life insurance benefit of £100,000 (see separate page). The premium for life insurance is taken in conjunction as one payment with the Circuit membership fees by BACS submission using the DDI held on file for members.

Subscriptions are renewed annually automatically by direct debit on 1st September - unless notice of cancellation is received 1 month in advance.

Subscription valid: 1st September - 31st August.  Pro Rata rates are applicable to those joining part way through a year and will be charged according to whether joining in March, June or October Grand Court.

Reduced subscription rates are applicable to Retired Bar and Judiciary, current Judiciary and those on maternity leave or on sabbatical. Please ensure you let the Circuit Office know of any change in your circumstances which would make you eligible for a reduced rate.

Subscription Fees 2023 - 2024

Silks  £270 plus £180 Life Insurance = £450 

Over 20 years call

£190 plus £180 Life Insurance = £370

Over 10 years call £180 plus £150 Life Insurance = £330
Over 5 years call £175 plus £150 Life Insurance = £325
Less than 5 years call £100 plus £100 Life Insurance = £200


Retired Bar/Retired Judges


£45 plus £180 life insurance = £225

£20 - not eligible for life insurance

£20 - if life insurance required then full membership fees are payable

There are many benefits of joining Circuit; among them are:

Stay informed

Being kept informed of up to date issues through Circuit Newsletters and attendance at meetings


Consultation documents prepared by the Leader, with support from senior barristers, are based on comments received by members

For further information on membership please contact the Circuit Secretary Richard Thyne, St Johns Building Chambers,7 Leopold St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2GY

If you wish to join Circuit please complete the application form and direct debit mandate and send both to the Circuit Administrator: Jessica Greensit, PO Box 789, Ripon HG4 5ET. 

Enquiries: tel: 07535 412111 or email:

The relevant forms must be received before the Grand Court to ensure the names are publicised in line with the constitution. It is a Circuit tradition for those joining to "stand on their chair" at Grand Court Mess, however this is not mandatory and up to the individual to decide.